Noisy garage door? Here’s how to recognize what that might mean

What do you do when your garage door starts making strange noises, but the garage door opener is still working fine? Well, you probably think twice about doing anything about it, your brain tells you it’s okay, but there’s a little part of you that thinks you should get it checked out, just in case.

And this little part of you is right, whatever noise is coming from your garage door, you need to investigate. It could be something as simple as needing to apply lubrication to certain parts, or it could be that you need to replace part of your garage door system.

To ensure your garage door is running safely and securely, you need to first identify the noise.

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If you hear a loud thumping noise when the garage door opens and closes it could be a sign that the electric garage door opener is struggling to lift and lower the door.

There is a common cause: A broken torsion spring.

Torsion springs are the large springs located above your garage door that help the garage door opener to lift and lower the garage door. If you have a double garage door, you’ll have two torsion springs, if you have a single garage door, you’ll have one. And just FYI, it is very unlikely that both torsion springs on a double garage door would break the same time.

To check if you have a broken torsion spring, simply look above the garage door, it will be quite clearly broken in two pieces. If it is broken, you need to contact a garage door expert and have it replaced ASAP.

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This is not quite as loud as the thumping noise a broken torsion spring will cause, but you will still hear it continuously as the door opens and closes. In the most serious cases, this is caused by a defective roller, which you must have replaced right away before it falls off. If your rollers seem fine, the noise is probably just caused by rusted parts. The most frequent cause of this noise is rusted springs rubbing against each other.


This high‑pitched squeak will sound constantly when the door is opening and closing. This isn’t anything serious, probably just a lack of lubrication. This usually happens when the exterior frame weather‑stripping and the weather‑stripping between the sections dry out and stick together.


This horrible, metallic grinding sound is usually a sign that the chain or belt of your garage door opener is on too loose and needs adjusting, it may seem as though the gear pinions are skipping a link and that the door opener is unnecessarily forcing.

Now you recognize the sounds, but what can you do about it?

As we’ve mentioned above, strange noises coming from your garage door are not necessarily a sign of something serious. However, regardless of the noise, you should take action.

If you have a broken spring or defective roller you should get a garage door expert in within 24 hours to repair the broken part. If it’s a case of a lack of lubrication, you can remedy it yourself.

There are two different types of lubricants that you may need: For metal parts, you’ll need a petroleum‑based oil, and you’ll have to apply it to the hinges, rollers and springs, whereas for PVC parts, you’ll need to apply a silicone‑based lubricant to the weather‑stripping at the bottom of the door, between the sections and around the exterior frame.

Simply head to your nearest specialist garage door store and ask for their recommended lubricants.

Don’t forget to schedule your garage door for a routine tune‑up!

If your garage door is over 5 year’s old you should be scheduling a routine tune‑up every 18 months. If your garage door is overdue its routine maintenance, get in touch with us right away at 905-569-9133. We have a special residential maintenance program that includes a 26‑point checklist, adjustments and lubrications of all the main parts of your garage door system, what’s more, we’re not afraid to guarantee our work!

You can also send us a request for an online quotation or come and visit our showroom where a member of our expert team will be more than happy to guide you through the steps of maintaining a safe and secure garage door.

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