Our other residential products at B & M Garage Door Inc

B & M Garage Door Inc constructs distinctive garage doors that complement the unique architecture of significant older homes or newly designed residences. All our doors are hand crafted with the highest quality detailing. Many of B & M Garage Door Inc doors have deceiving features, as they appear to swing, fold or slide open like old‑fashioned carriage doors, yet they roll up conveniently with an automatic opener.

The result is a unique overhead garage door that provides continuity in expressing the character of the home.

B & M Garage Door Inc carriage house doors are created by people who are committed to delivering the finest garage doors found anywhere.

Custom wood doors offer by B & M Garage Door Inc

Our doors use high-quality woods for long-term performance and low maintenance.

  • Two-inch commercial grade track
  • 10,000 cycle torsion springs
  • Commercial grade hinges
  • Thick aircraft-type cable
  • Slide lock
  • Anti sag system
  • Astragal bottom weather seal
  • Side and top seals on doorstop

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