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Offer the best to your house: a new garage door

Your garage may be more than just a garage to you. For some people it is their car's only security system, and for others it is the perfect spot for them to get away from life and work on their own private jobs alone. Because your garage door is such a visible part of your house, we understand the importance behind getting something that looks well with your specific home. That is why we offer so many colors and styles for you to choose among. Take a minute and view our image gallery or just come visit our showroom in Mississauga and see for yourself!

Safest brand of door opener on the market

B & M Garage Door Inc assists you in selecting the door opener for your needs. We only sell and recommend the safest brand on the market: LiftMaster. Created by Chamberlain, a company which has a reputation for making the most trusted garage door openers that can be found on the market. The LiftMaster is by far the quietest and most dependable options that are available for your garage door opener needs.

Garage door repair service in Mississauga

What happens when the entryway into this great place falls into disrepair? Imagine the next situation. You are about to head for work and you are already a bit behind. You quickly start your car and hit the button to open up your garage door. Nothing happens.

This situation and some others has happened to many people, but luckily we were ready for this. When contacted, we will rush over so that we can get your garage door repaired as quickly as possible. No matter what the problem is, we can handle it. Also, our teamp of experts will help you realize what you can do to avoid this problem in the future so that it doesn't happen again. While it was unfortunate that it happened this time, you will feel confident knowing that the problem is fixed and won't reoccur in the near future.

Not only do we work with repairing garage doors, but we sell them as well. Perhaps the damage to your old door is too big to be fixed. You can come on in and pick out a new door that we will come and install for you.

B & M Garage Door Inc for price and service

We offer many garage door services here in Mississauga at B & M Garage Door Inc. You will be greeted with professional service, and all at a great price. Come check us out, you won't be disappointed!

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