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Contemporary Style

The architectural style of your home is important to you, and if you have chosen a modern or contemporary style for it, your garage door, often representing nearly 40% of the facade, should blend perfectly and harmoniously with it.

Whatever your budget, Garaga provides garage doors in multiple configurations and colours so you can find to one that suits you best.

Windows layouts
Moderno 2 beads, 9' x 8', Black, window layout: Left-Side Harmony

Garaga’s window layouts provide you with many beautiful options. You can choose from among numerous window configurations as well as a wide range of glass types for a look that gets a WOW!

Get inspired by our garage doors with window layouts pictures!

One house, several doors…

Many garage doors can coordinate with a house style. Take a look at some possible variations...

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Traditional style


Model Standard+ Classic Short for a traditional style

Carriage House style

Carriage House style

Model Princeton P-23 for a carriage house style

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