Let the Experts Help Make Your Next Garage Door Purchase a Breeze

Is it time to buy a new garage door? While there are many garage doors that can work for any budget, they can still be a big investment in your home. So it makes sense that you want a quality product that gives you peace of mind and meets all of your high expectations. A garage door specialist can help you find the door that meets all your must‑haves, fits your budget, and works for your home.

Garaga Expert

What a Garage Door Expert Does for You

When you choose a professional company that specializes in all areas of garage door sale, installation, and repair, you aren’t only going to get the best advice for finding the right door for your needs and budget. After‑sales service is just as important for the durability and performance of your garage door in the long run. The quality of the original installation and the quality of service after installation is just as important as the quality of the door itself.

How to Spot a True Garage Door Expert

A good garage door expert should have:

  • Knowledge Through Experience: Being an expert garage door installer is something that is often learned in the business. The necessary experience for installing garage doors in all conditions is highly valued in a good garage door specialist.
  • Dedication to Quality: Garage door sellers should not just try to sell you a product; they should be there to help you make the best choice based on your situation. This ensures that you will actually get a quality installation and product. Be sure to question them on energy efficiency, weather resistance, models, construction, colors, and any other questions you have.

Your Garage Door Is More Important Than You Think

Did you know that your garage door is the largest object in your home that moves? It is made up of numerous parts, as well. Everything from the simple screws that hold it all together to the springs and tracks that make it work have to be of high quality. Installation can get very technical, but a garage door expert can safely install a garage door properly in only a few hours.

With the installation complete, it’s on to the next part of ensuring your garage door is working correctly. An important part of any garage door is keeping the weather out. Your installer will check the balance and weather tightness, and will ensure that no unnecessary friction will cause premature wear in any of the components. At the end of the installation, the door will open and close easily with just one hand. And don’t forget that any experienced technician will be sure to clean up the area they worked in before they leave.

Keep These 3 Things in Mind When Choosing a Garage Door Expert


  • How long has the owner been installing garage doors?
  • Do they have previous customers who can give testimonials or letters of recommendation?
  • Do they have photos of completed projects?

After-Sales Services and Warranties

  • Did they offer a warranty on parts and installation without being asked?
  • Be sure that the warranty covers at least two years on parts and installation.

Professional Credentials

  • Are they, the company, or the owner, a member of a professional association?
  • These groups provide not only a standard of ethics and quality work, but also provide training sessions to keep garage door experts brushed up on knowledge and new developments.
  • Garaga has established a network of garage door experts in all areas of garage door sales, including strict codes of ethics in the sale, installation and repair of garage doors.

Keep in Mind…

The quality of a garage door in the warehouse or showroom means little if the garage door isn’t installed by an experienced professional who offers quality installation and service.

Ready to get started? You can contact us at 905-569-9133 if you have questions about quality products and installation. You can also request an online quotation for a new garage door, or take a look at our Design Centre to create your own beautiful garage door. Simply upload a photo of your current house and superimpose a Garaga door right on it to see what your home could look like.

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