July 27, 2018

Deciding Whether to Add Windows to Your Garage Door

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Even if your garage is in perfect shape and does everything you need it to in terms of performance, you may wonder if a makeover is something it deserves. One of the ways to provide that is to add decorative windows and improve the looks of the door. If you have a garage door that already has windows, you may wonder if you should switch them out. We’ll help you get an idea of what to consider and expect moving forward.

Considering things from the point of design and aesthetic

Having a certain aesthetic appeal is important to many people, especially if you are doing renovations on the exterior of your home and the garage door is the next project you’re undertaking. In recent days, decorative windows have become a popular option because they are attractive, but also can bring together the look of your garage with the façade of your home.

It’s an excellent idea to consider how to coordinate your garage door with the windows on your front door. Another thing to consider is the window design of your home. If there is a specific design element that you appreciate, you may want to choose garage door windows that match. Some companies, like Garaga and Novatech, understand this desire and have begun to provide product lines that fit well with the look of the modern home.

If you need some additional assistance here, some garage door manufacturers, like Garaga, offer Design Centres. All you have to do is take a photo of your house and upload it. You can then visualize how the home would look with all sizes and types of decorative garage door windows. This is a great way to see which windows look best with the architectural elements of your home.

Beyond aesthetics, consider the practical matters

In most cases, windows are added to garage doors as a way to allow more natural light into the space for tasks and projects beyond simply parking a vehicle inside.

Before you make your final decision about going with windows or not, make sure you consider how important privacy and security are to you. While some windows can take away that level of privacy, it’s not true for all of them. Some garage door windows keep out peeping eyes through frosted or tinted glass. This lets you get the light and aesthetic you want without having to worry about anyone seeing into your garage.

Also important is considering the extent that weathertightness and insulation matter in your garage space. This is especially important for those who work in the garage on a regular basis. Nobody wants to deal with extended time in a damp, cold workspace. That’s why it’s important to be aware that garage door windows have a thermal resistant of at best R‑3.6 (using Argon‑filled sealed double panes). A garage door, on the other hand, may have a thermal resistance of up to R‑16, depending on the model.

Do I need to worry about my spring system being affected if I install decorative windows?

If you are concerned that your spring system will be affected by adding windows, the truth is that yes, it will, assuming your current garage door does not have windows already. Depending on the type of spring system you have, torsion or extension, and the age of the garage door, it can add a few dollars to the project to have everything adapted to properly support the extra weight of the door. If you already have decorative windows, there may not be an affect. The only way to know for sure is by speaking with a garage door technician, who can also let you know what chances may be required.

You might think that it’s no big deal because your electric door opener is powerful enough to lift the garage door even with the extra weight of new windows. Some garage door openers can lift up to 230 pounds (115 kilos), but if the springs on that system are older, extra weight can lead to an imbalance. This is dangerous. A balanced door will only like it weighs around ten pounds (4.5 kilos), but when unbalanced, your safety can be compromised. A garage door can lift a large weight but it can also push down that same amount of weight. That’s why it’s important to have a technician do a final check of the system when you change anything.

Do you have more questions? Do you need help making a decision?

It’s normal to have questions and want extra assistance. We are happy to have you contact us at any time at 905-569-9133 for Mississauga or 905-873-4848 for Georgetown. We know everything there is to know about garage door systems and would be happy to assist you with questions and making the best choice for your needs. We can also provide a quotation by email if you want.

You are also welcome to meet us at our showroom. We have a Design Centre which may help you determine the window design you like most. If you want more inspiration, try our image gallery online.

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