September 29, 2017

Choosing the Right Garage Door Expert

Since you will not be buying a new garage door more than once or twice in your lifetime, you will want to make sure that an expert does it. You will want to take your time and select just the right door for you, installed by an expert who will do the job right.

If you are currently working towards getting a new garage door, this is the guide for you. We have put together some concepts that you will want to look over before proceeding to ensure that you are happy with the end result. You will want to begin this journey by dividing your tasks into before, during, and post‑installation to‑do items.

Family Infront Of a Garage
  • BEFORE: this is when you first talk to a garage door expert and begin looking at what they have to offer.
  • DURING: make sure that your installer is paying attention to every detail and that they are leaving the site clean as they prepare to leave.
  • POST: once the installation is complete, make sure that all of your questions are answered and that any needed adjustments are made.

Above all, a garage door expert is an advisor

You are not only looking for an expert that is a seasoned installer, but you also want to find that special individual that understand all of the various products currently available on the market. This is an individual who can help you make a wise decision based on the information you are provided.

A garage door expert will advise you on all details from installation through the completion of the work. To analyze the quality of the company, they should provide you with some quotes. With today’s technological resources, such as tablet computers, it has become easy to provide customers will a range of options to fit most budgets. With a Design Centre, garage door experts can upload a photo of your home to illustrate you what it will look like when your new garage door is installed.

Request a complete quote so that you can easily understand what you are paying for. The price should not just be scribbled on the back of some old business card!

A proper installation begins with taking measurements

You depend on your garage door to perform for the long run, and this takes into account the quality of the product just as much as the quality of the installation. A professional installer can come to your home, take the necessary measurements, and determine whether a standard garage door will do or if you need a custom one. This helps you ensure that the door you select will provide you with great operation for years to come.

Garage Door Installer

Tune‑ups, emergencies, and warranties

Make sure that the expert you choose offers a tune‑up program for both residential and commercial garage doors. This is an indication that they take care of their customers and look to the future.

Also, check to see what type of emergency service they offer and if they keep replacement parts in stock for ready use as needed.

In addition, check to see what’s covered under warranty in terms of products and services. Get written documentation and ask for clarification as needed. Remember, an installer who takes pride in his work will typically leave a visible sticker on the garage door and/or opener so that you can quickly reach them in the case of any problems with the door.

Commitment to a code of conduct

To ensure the best service possible, look for an installer that is a member of their industries trade association. The two most common in this area of North America are the International Door Association (IDA) and the Canadian Door Institute. Both of these have issued a comprehensive code of conduct. Each member pledges to abide by this code in order to satisfy consumers. You want to choose a garage door expert who is a member of these organizations.

You can tell how trustworthy a garage door expert by their willingness to take the time at the end of the installation to explain how to safely work everything. They will also make sure that everything is working properly, in front of you. This means that they will deactivate the opener and ensure that the door is simple to lift with just one hand. They will also to make sure that your door is properly adjusted and discuss the lubrication you will need to apply twice every year.

Garaga Expert Installer

In conclusion…

Make sure that your garage door work is done correctly and with high quality, respecting your requirements and adhering to all industry standards for installations. You can contact us anytime at 905-569-9133.

We can also send you out a quotation by email. In addition, to meet your busy schedule, we can come to your home and discuss the complete array of products on the market. We will counsel you on the proper fit for you. You can also make use of our Design Centre or get inspiration online at our image gallery.

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