June 30, 2017

Choose the Right Type of Driveway

The driveway surface you choose is very important to your home’s aesthetic appeal and the “curb appeal” of your property. A driveway that has an unkempt, cracked, or broken driveway is not only going to look terrible – it probably won’t do your tires any favors either. You can find a wealth of materials available for your driveway. Each has pros and cons, and each can provide you with a different style. You will need to think about all those things, as well as your budget, when you are making your choice.


There are many things to consider and steps to take when you are making improvements to your driveway. You need to choose the material that will work best for your needs, make sure the driveway is properly prepared, and decide whether you will be taking care of the work on your own of if you will be hiring to professionals to do it for you.

The four most important things to think about when you are selecting a material for your driveway are the appearance, climate considerations, upkeep, and budget. You want it to look “right” with your architectural style, and you want to know how much maintenance and upkeep it will need. You also must think about how much the driveway will cost.

The climate considerations are one of the areas that people do not think about very often, but they should. If there is a lot of rain or snow, or major temperature variations throughout the year, it could dictate which material is best for you. Let’s look at the options that are available.


Those who are on a budget may find this to be a good option. However, you have to consider that this also happens to require the most upkeep. You will need to continue adding more gravel over time, as it compacts. To make it look as good as possible, you might want to add decorative gravel on the top.

In addition, if you get snow, and you have to plow the driveway, this has the potential to move around some of the gravel and push it into other areas. You will have to take time when the snow melts to fix this. Some similar options include using slate, pebbles, and limestone, but these are a bit costlier.

Driveway - Gravel


Asphalt is very popular, and it is the material that most driveways use. It requires proper preparation for the ground, as well as maintenance using sealants every couple of years. You can find some different shades of asphalt that might work well for you, and it is even possible to have patterns stamped into the asphalt if you would like. This can provide it with a bit more character.

Driveway - Asphalt

Concrete Paving Blocks

Another option that has been growing in popularity in recent years are concrete paving blocks. One of the benefits of these blocks is that they can stand up well even with heavy vehicles. They also hold up better when it comes to freezing and thawing when compared with asphalt. In fact, they can last for up to 30 years.

In addition, they are available in different shapes and colors, and even in different textures. They will require proper preparation of the ground before installing, and they will also require sealant added yearly to keep them in great shape.

Driveway - Concrete Paving Block


Unistone driveways are another choice you might like. These feature blocks that are about 2.5 inches thick that are held together using a sand, aggregate, and cement mixture. These can look very nice, and the only real upkeep you will need to do is add sealant yearly, like with some of the other options we’ve discussed.

One of the primary benefits of this type of driveway is the fact that if one or two of the stones is damaged or cracked, it is easy to replace them without needing to remove surrounding blocks.

Driveway - Unistone

Reinforced Grass

You might not have even thought this was a possibility, but it could work out well for you. One of the big benefits is for those who want to have a driveway that blends right in with the lawn. Depending on the aesthetics of your home, this might be a good solution.

The ground will be reinforced using a honeycomb‑like structure made from plastic. Soil and grass seeds are added to the structure, which will then grow grass. It is also possible to utilize blocks and slabs of concrete for the same purpose. Those who have been hoping to find an eco‑friendly driveway will want to consider this option. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is not a good choice for those who have heavy vehicles or who use the driveway regularly.

Driveway - Reinforced Grass

Combination of Materials

Sometimes, the best choice is to have more than one choice. It is possible to utilize a combination of materials for different areas of the driveway, such as asphalt for certain areas and paver stones for another area. It depends on all the factors we discussed earlier. You can always talk with the pros about which one you should choose.

Driveway - Different Materials

Remember the Garage Door, Too

In addition to the driveway, you might want to consider redoing your garage door contact us at 905-569-9133. We can send you an email quotation and we can even visit your home to help you learn more about your garage door options. Check out our Design Centre or look through our image gallery.


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