Is Your Garage Ready to Take On the Winter?

Winter is just around the corner, so now is the time to make sure you have everything ready before snow and sleet starts to fall.

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Some things you should keep ready at hand in your garage or tool shed to make sure you are not caught out when you need them most.

In this blog, we'll help you find what you need before winter is here, so you are not stuck wondering where you put something.

Having proper storage in your garage should be your first priority!

Although it might not seem important, taking time to organize your tools and gadgets on shelves or hooks in the garage will save you time when you need to find something. You won't need to dig around and look for something because it will readily be at hand.

It's common for people to use their garages as work sheds in the summer, but once winter arrives, all of those summer tools will need to be put away to make room for your car.

If there's anything you no longer need, go ahead and throw it away.

If something can be recycled or given to a consignment shop, consider doing this instead of throwing it in the trash.

What do you need to make it through the winter?

1. Check your snowblower

If you have a snowblower, check to make sure it's in top condition. When was the last time you took it to the dealer for a tune-up? If it's been a while, at least consider changing the oil.

2. How are your snow shovels?

A great example of stored shovels in the garage.

What condition are they in? The last thing you want is for the wooden handles to snap on the first snow day. Your snow shovels should be able to withstand a good whack against some ice on a pathway.

3. Have you got something to melt ice?

  • Check to see that you have a bag of rock salt
  • Sand or gravel is also beneficial when ice starts to accumulate on the sidewalk. A few extra abrasives will go a long way to keep you and your family safe.

4. Will your generator start at a moment's notice?

When heavy snow and ice fall, branches can break and take out power lines. Is your emergency generator ready to start if this happens?

  • How well does it work?
  • Is there enough gas to make it through an emergency?
  • One quick tip: DO NOT operate a generator inside of your garage. Just like a car, generators produce poisonous carbon monoxide gas. If this gas builds up in your garage or home, it can kill you. Hundreds of people die every year because of this unfortunate mistake.

5. Is your car prepped and ready to go?

  • Be sure to have extra bottles of windshield washer fluid, so you aren't stuck in the dead of winter.
  • Keep a snow brush and an ice scraper ready at hand. Now might be the time to start keeping them in your car.
  • Have a pair of jumper cables ready for any vehicles you keep outside the garage. Cold weather can be a nightmare for your vehicle's battery.

6. Don't forget yourself and the kids!

  • Winter is a time for fun in the snow! Don't forget to prepare your sleds, toboggans, skis, and skates.
  • If you're a winter sports fanatic, you'll also want to get your hockey sticks out storage and maybe even your curling equipment. Here are 5 great tips for storing winter equipment from Nuvo Garage

Neat ski equipment storage

Have you checked to see that your garage door is working?

Just like anything else, be sure to prepare your garage door for winter!

Winter may be magical, but it's also full of unpredictability.

From day to day, the weather can go from extremely windy, to snowy, then to ice storms. When temperatures drop as low as 5ºF (-15ºC), the last thing you need is to find your door stuck in ice.

So, let us ask—when did your garage door last get a good tune-up?

If you have left it too long, you may end up suffering a few hardships.

It's better to be prepared! To help get your garage door set up for winter, GARAGA dealers are standing by to provide our ultimate 26-point inspection. We'll make adjustments, lubricate your springs, and cover everything you need for your garage door system.

Is your garage ready for a check-up and some new repairs?

Go ahead and contact us !

Mississauga: 905-569-9133

Georgetown: 905-873-4848

If this winter is anything like the winters we've seen over the past few years, we could be in for anything. As the top professionals in everything garage oriented, we can help you figure out what you need before winter arrives.

For more pricing information, we will send a quotation by email.

Are you interested in getting a new garage door? With our Design Centre, you can create your own custom design without ever leaving home. Looking for inspiration, head to our garage door gallery!

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