Gorgeous, Trendy Garage Doors and Updated Home Exteriors for 2022

Most individuals have found themselves living life differently since the advent of COVID-19. Spending time in our houses and realizing the small details we missed has been a part of that process for many. Maybe that's made you realize your home could use a facelift.

"Create a home where you feel good about your surroundings. A quick remodel or some renovations can give you all the essentials – and a few extras – right there in your favorite space." – says Sarah, owner of Real Architecture.

Modern style poolside garden house with California full view garage door, 12' x 7', Black aluminum profile, Clear glass

Love the idea of enormous glass garage doors that bridge the gap between peaceful indoors and bustling outdoors? You have a chance to enjoy life the way you want with this 12' x 7' California garage door with crystal clear glass and black accents. Imagine the serenity of this space!

Do you know what your architectural style is?

Knowing yourself is essential when choosing a trendy home exterior, whether it's a totally new home or an exciting renovation. Selecting a trend that looks good today (and will do the same years down the line) is vital to the process. And don't worry, there are four distinct styles that always look great.

Think Transitional

2 story Transitional / Modern Farmhouse / Scandinavian style house plan, 2 single garage doors, in Flush design and Black colour

Anna Paquet Design creates a stunning exterior in this transitional house plan that pairs perfectly with the beauty of Flush design garage doors in Black

"Styles adapt and change over time. It doesn't have to fit one perfectly. What matters is creating a façade that looks outstanding through the years so you never wonder what other direction you could have gone." – Ashley, Anne Paquet Design.

Ensure your home stands up to the times with the gorgeous Transitional Style. Transitional is an aesthetic that combines the best of both traditional and modern. The two merge to create a style also known as classic modern.

What you can expect are lots of clean, symmetrical, straightforward lines. You'll also see a specific color selection in Transitional style. Think warms browns and whites, beiges, grays, and other natural hues. Use a light wood that pops instead of going with something darker.

Close-up image on a Moderno 2-beads garage door, 12' 6" x 9', Black, Azure windows

With Transitional style, use crisp lines across a gorgeous garage door. Find it here in the 12' 6" x 9' Moderno 2 beads selection with Azur windows and a Black façade.

Try something different and stylish with the Flush or Moderno 2 beads designs as a way to pull together the exterior of your house.

Modern Momentum

Modern style house plan including various proportions and wood insertions for more energy. Double garage with all-glass California garage doors, Black frame, Sandblasted Glass for more privacy

Anna Paquet Design displays a stunning modern home plan complete with a set of California full-view garage doors. Sandblasted glass lets natural light reach inside, while the black outside edge perfectly fits the window trim.

Have you ever heard someone express their desire for a square home? There's a reason the answer is no. Today, the focus has shifted to versatile shapes and proportions instead of boring squares. Adding height and depth asymmetries creates a home that is sure to energize you. The home will never look like just another box.

If you choose a Modern Style, think about hues of white, black, and shades of gray. Add in gorgeous stone accents or light wood inserts for extra appeal. The home starts to feel more welcoming and less cold. Add in huge windows, and nobody will be able to pass by without a second look.

Close-up of a contemporary house with an exclusive Vog design garage door, 9' x 7', Black, Harmonie windows left

Want a special appearance? Give this Vog garage door a shot – available from Garaga only. Then, complement your stunning choice using a Novatech's entry door 3255 for a match made in heaven.

When you want to go Modern, make sure you choose the best garage doors, such as Vog, Moderno multi or Grooved designs. Choose a riveting gray called Iron Ore Walnut or opt for a Charcoal or Black hue to make sure you create a profound impact!

Fascinating Farmhouse (And Its Modern Younger Sibling)

Both Farmhouse and Farmhouse modern are coming into vogue, and everyone will want a home that displays their characteristics.

A black and white modern farmhouse style 2-story house with a double Cambridge CM Design garaage door. Plan #22001 from Plan Image.

Want to mix White with Black? Get something elegant and contemporary with the Modern Farmhouse Style with monochromatic tones. Try Plan Image # 22001 to add a modern touch to a traditional design with warm wood and outdoor lighting to spruce things up. Make sure to choose a garage door that matches the exterior, such as this double garage door from the Townships Collection called the Cambridge CM design.

Opt for something trendy and hip or go with a rustic flair. Either way, you can't go wrong with 2022's utmost exterior style. Use understated colors like gray, white, and black to harken to traditional farmhouse style but add sleek lines and tones that pull it into the modern world. This fantastic design mixes Scandinavian, Modern, and Country styles in a magnificent way.

Experience 14 of the Best Designs for Garage Doors with a Modern or Traditional Farmhouse Aesthetic.

Love the feel of Modern or typical Farmhouse style? These garage doors will give you joy. With doors that have a vintage look, the design includes R-16 insulation and PVC overlays. All of the excellence of wood is included without the need for significant maintenance. Try them in 10 fantastic colours, such as Charcoal, Black, or Ice White. The overlays come in several options, including V-, A-, X-, and I-shapes.

All white Farmhouse style home. The 2 Princeton P-21 single garage doors add a bucolic touch to this country home. Design Credit: Shoana Jensen | Photo Credit: Arthur Mola

Like the look of white on white with blonde wood? The two single doors on the garage play a massive part in its appeal. They make up most of the front of the home and really play it off as a country abode you could love. Try it by using Princeton P-21 garage doors. Design Credit: Shoana Jensen | Photo Credit: Arthur Mola

Elevate a style that everyone loves using decorative overlays from the Townships Collection. Think about how it might look adorned with a Black Princeton P-12 door to set off the white of the home. Use white to create a solid set of tones with unique textures, lines, and materials for some distinction.

Ready to look at more Modern Farmhouse and Traditional Farmhouse home ideas? HousePlans has everything you could want.

Soulful Scandinavian

Scandinavian Style house plan. Its blond wood contrasting with black windows and front door, as well as the gable and beams over the entry door, which echo the triangular window and the slope of the roof.

Envision this traditional Scandinavian house plan made by Sarah Moore from Real Architecture. The light wood looks gorgeous against the Black of the entry and windows. The triangle window, gable and beams, and stunningly sloped roof exemplify what you could have. With Scandinavian, simplicity is critical, but that doesn't mean your home won't look like a million bucks after a renovation.

Bask in an inviting and relaxing home that lets nature shine through. Create the feel of a spa or create your own cottage in the woods.

Bring nature inside with warm and light colors from the outdoors. Unfinished materials and wood with knots create a woodsy vibe. Depending on the parts of your house you want to show off, you can choose from California, Cambridge CL, Shaker-Modern XL, or Flush garage doors to fit your Scandinavian home perfectly in beautiful colors like Charcoal and Black to fit the other materials perfectly.

Trendy colors and materials that match the big 4 styles of homes

A mixture of materials is what makes a house become a home. Thankfully, there are many exterior options you can choose from. When you use relaxing and neutral colors, the right texture can make or break the look of your home exterior.

Brick, vinyl, cedar shingles, and stone. Use neutral hues that exude warmness. Bright colors that distract from other features aren't on trend. That doesn't mean you need to paint or redo the exterior if you love a bright blue or yellow. However, those making a change will want to select something less eye-popping in color.

Fiber cement planks and panels. Common for Scandinavian and Farmhouse homes, these materials are made of cement and cellulose fibers. They're strong and can fight shock and excess humidity.

Wood inserts. Endlessly in demand, these planks can be used for dormers and gables to impart richness and make a home feel more inviting. Add wood to newly fashionable arches and create a spot of light wood that fits Scandinavian and Modern home styles.

● Ready to choose a garage door that complements the home exterior? Check out the FAQ about GENTEK and ROYAL colors.

Cedar shingled house, double garage with Princeton P-23 garage doors, 8' x 7', Chocolate Walnut doors and mouldings and 8-pane Panoramic windows

Want wood without the upkeep? Try our garage doors with overlays that look like custom-made wood doors. These Princeton P-23 garage doors are 8' x 7' and have overlays and doors in Chocolate Walnut.

Found your style? The next step is to educate yourself on insulation. Know what you need.

For garages that connect to a home, especially if they're under or next to a well-used room, it's essential to select a well-insulated door. It will ensure the temperature stays to your liking without spending extra time or money for that kind of comfort.

The Princeton P-12, 9' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut garage doors and Ice White overlays, 8-pane Panoramic windows really enhance this Craftman home while providing R-16 insulation.

Princeton P-12 doors are made to create charm and come with substantial R-16 insulation. WIth 8 lite Panoramic windows, the garage is filled with light, so you can use it for auto repairs, woodworking, fitness, or your other hobbies. This door has Ice White overlays and Iron Ore Walnut doors, but you can go with an entirely Ice White or Black version.

As the R-value increases, the more your garage door manages to keep outside cold and heat where it belongs. As a door to the home, insulation is essential.

Garaga garage doors are proudly designed and constructed in Canada. The significant differences in temperature have inspired us to ensure air doesn't move in and out of the garage. We look at every component, from the joints and seals to the rubber bottom of the door.

Canadians know cold and understand insulation, so there's nobody better to build an exceptional door. All our doors are made to save you money on energy bills, so you sleep easier at night.

Everyone wants to buy energy-efficient, and that's easy. Consider both the Standard+ Construction and the Townships Collection Construction for astounding R-16 performance that makes a difference.

This small California all-glass garage door  brings a lot of light into the all white office of this lady from Montreal, Canada.

Glass doors might not have the insulation of full steel doors, but sometimes you can have the best of all worlds. This small garage door gives beautiful views outside, a dose of natural light inside, and still has enough insulation to keep you as warm or cool as you want while engaging in hobbies.

Love the idea of the California and its full glass panoramic view? That's totally understandable!

Made of aluminum and glass, you still get a great thermal conductor. However, these California doors may not have the same degree of insulation as solid steel that is insulated with polyurethane foam. On the other hand, they create natural light, resist corrosion, and look fantastic. It's up to you to decide if the pros outweigh the cons!

You're Ready! Now Is the Time to Select the Garage Door That Takes Your Home to the Next Level!

You're in great company with the choice. One of the Top 3 renovation projects for creating extra home value is updating that old garage door.

You may never buy another garage door as long as you live. So many choices and so much research is essential to making a decision. However, you don't have to handle it alone. Instead, a specialist can step in and assist.

Make a quick call to B & M Garage Door Inc's excellent team at 905-569-9133.

Having a professional to help can make a huge difference in your construction or renovation outcome. An expert can look at your style and budget to help you through the process. Remember that quality garage doors can stay in good shape for several decades. Making the right choice is the best first step you can make. A professional will ensure that happens and do their job with understanding and passion.

Searching for an idea or two before moving forward?

Take a look at our image gallery. We know it's sure to have the right garage door for your home.

Prefer to build a garage door to your specific specifications? That's easy when you utilize our Design Centre. First, choose the colors, window types, and designs that you like the most. Then, upload a photo of your home and try the garage doors on it to see what looks great.

Selected the garage door you want already? If you found the right design, reach out for a detailed quote by email.

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