Deciding Whether to Add Windows to Your Garage Door

Even if your garage is in perfect shape and does everything you need it to in terms of performance, you may wonder if a makeover is something it deserves. One of the ways to provide that is to add decorative windows and improve the looks of the door. If you have a garage door that already has windows, you may wonder if you should switch them out. We’ll help you get an idea of what to consider and expect moving forward.
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Garage Door Opener Broken? Here’s How to Fix It

Have you ever had to deal with a broken or problematic garage door opener? Have you ever been so stuck that you weren’t able to find the solution? If you’re in a rut and getting frustrated with your garage door opener, here are several videos and links that can help you to identify your problem and get your door opener working right away. These are the most common problems that garage door specialists deal with on a daily basis, and they are recommended for you to take a look at so you can better understand how your garage door opener works.
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How Do I Paint My Garage Door?

Are you unsatisfied with the color of your garage door? Is the paint chipping off? Are you wondering whether or not you can repaint your garage door safely, and in the color you desire? Now is as good a time as ever to repaint your garage door and upgrade the face of your home. Wondering where to start? Check out the guide below!

In this guide, you’ll learn how to paint metal doors, but for wooden doors you may need to contact a professional painter. Whether your metal door is insulated or non-insulated, you should be able to follow the instructions here to paint it.

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You’re in the right place to find some traditional garage door inspiration!

Carriage house style

Have you recently made the decision to renovate your home? Are you looking for a classic, traditional style garage door to fit your style? If you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry. We can help. Whether you are doing renovations or looking to improve the value of your house, there are many options. A new garage door can even help with insulation and protecting the garage when its hot or cold. There are many choices that qualify as classic and traditional garage doors. We live in a time where a garage door is more than a tool, it’s also a great way to bring together your home’s architecture and show how beautiful your home really is.

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Show your children how to use a garage door safely

Garage doors are the primary entry point for many homes. Even if your family prefers the front door, everyone, from drivers to children, should be able to safely enter the garage.
Modern garage doors have effective safety features, but you should still show your children how to treat the door in the safest way possible.
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Maintaining a Garage Door in Perfect Working Order

Knowing that your garage door will always work properly is something that many homeowners take for granted. But when your garage door doesn’t work, you realise just how crucial this part of your home is. If you’d like the comfort of knowing that it will always work correctly, especially when you really need it to, here are some tips from Garaga that should help.
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Is Your Car in Danger in the Garage?

While there are quite a few people who use their garage as an extra room, or as a storage area, many are still using it for the traditional purpose of storing their vehicle. However, that’s not all they use the garage for. They also store seasonal items and other goods in there, which often leaves too little space for the vehicle. You want to make sure you are taking great care of the items you are storing, but you need to be sure your car is safe, as well.
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